Sarah and Jonathan’s Engagement Photos

From Sarah and Jonathan:

We met in 2012 while they were both working at Capital One Labs. Back then there were lots of happy hours, tech events, etc that were hosted at the office and we always found ourselves in a corner, engaged in some deep conversation about dogs, food allergies, design research, or some other random topic.

Things quickly progressed into a deep friendship and then a relationship that neither of us would have guessed would ultimately lead to a lifelong partnership and marriage. Since then, we’ve moved across the country twice, road tripped over 20,000 miles between DC, California, Louisiana, and Texas. We purchased a house, adopted a puppy, and are developing a dangerous relationship with Omakase sushi. In some ways, our relationship revolves around food, yard work, dogs, and travel - and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

We got engaged on a romantic, private beach in Aruba back in September 2016, where Jonathan’s family is from. We can’t wait for their big day at Garden Grove - as it reflects so much of our style and personality; simple, natural, open, and so very green.

Thanks to Leighanne Herr Photography for sharing Sarah and Jonathan's Gorgeous Engagement Photos!