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Bridal Fashion Week Trends: Spring 2018

Spring 2018 dresses are here and they are breathtaking! We wanted to pull together a few of our favorite trends for the year and share them with you. Don't forget we are just 2 weeks away from our Summer Engagement Event, where you can see some of these jaw dropping trends. 

Dramatic Flair

This year black accents and embellishments did take center stage. Designers such as Marchesa, used this color to add drama to their necklines and bodices this season.

Sweet Bows

Bows made an appearance last year on the runway. Judging by the way Marchesa has brought them back, it is safe to say that they are not going anywhere any time soon.

Back to Black

I know what you are thinking....”Black? At a wedding?” Even though this has been a taboo for as long as time, it is starting to make its way into the light. I, for one, am thankful. I have seen black bridal gowns in the past but they resembled more something Queen Victoria would wear and less the dramatic elegance that designer Hayley Paige has brought to the table. The details and the edginess of these black wedding dresses are guaranteed to take away everyone’s breath. 


Besides black and white, other colors hit the runway as well. Jim Hjelms Couture proved this to be true with detailed gowns featuring gray and sea­smoke tones. 


It’s all in the details, including sequins, fringe, and feathers. Of course sequins is a feature on gowns to an extent but throw in feathers and fringe and you have Naheem Khans’ Spring 2018 collection. It hits the nail on the head with this trend. The right combination of modern energy and style truly makes this collections true pieces of art.