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Why We Love the Wedding Gown Portrait Trend

Look through any collection of wedding photos from the past half-decade and you are almost certain to find what is now an essential portrait: the wedding gown on a hanger. Over the years, this iconic trend has transcended the bridal suite closet to idyllic settings both indoors and out,  resulting in shots that are just as beautiful as they are unique.

Leah Jeffers Photography

But why take the time to pose and photograph a vacant wedding gown when the bride is going to have her photo taken in it all day anyway? The answer varies depending on which bride or photographer you ask -- and there are no wrong ones of course -- but the one I love the most is this: The unoccupied gown represents anticipation.

AL Gawlik Photography

The dress, not yet animated by the bride, reflects the calm before the hustle and bustle of the day. After many months or more of so much planning and preparation, getting dressed is the final step before beginning the next chapter of her life. I cannot think of a more perfect way to not only immortalize the dress she may have spent many months saving and searching for, but also the hope, excitement and anticipation directly preceding “I do.”

Jessica Frey Photography 

Hopefully this doesn’t sound too cheesy, but if I wasn’t a hopeless romantic, then I wouldn’t be in this business! <3

Garden Grove’s 12 sprawling acres and 10,000 + square feet of luxurious interiors offer limitless ways to beautifully display and capture the perfect wedding gown portrait! Contact us to schedule your tour today.


Andrea and Danny's Poolside November Nuptials

You may remember Andrea’s absolutely GORGEOUS bridal portraits, posted on the blog in November. Well, her wedding photos are here and they are equally lovely!

November weather doesn’t get much more perfect than it was on Andrea and Danny’s Fall wedding day. Her seasonal bouquet from Kismet Flowers perfectly complemented a deep burgundy and navy color scheme. A perfectly fall-themed garland adorned the parogala where the couple sweetly exchanged vows. (Only in Austin, Texas can you have a poolside wedding in November!)

Enjoy these beautiful photos taken by Vanessa Anne Photography!

Make Your Austin Wedding Unique and Delicious with Tasty Local Food Trucks

Make Your Austin Wedding Unique and Delicious with Tasty Local Food Trucks

The food is one of the most crucial ingredients of every wedding, but Austin food trucks are proof that it doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated to be totally fabulous!

Garden Grove's circular drive makes a perfect spot for any Austin food truck! Booking weddings and events through 2020. Schedule your tour today!