Tips and Tricks for The Modern Wedding Registry

Wondering "do we really need to register for gifts?" We live in an ever changing world full of online registries, honeymoon funds and what seems like an ever shrinking gift table. Additionally with the average age of couples getting married going up, couples are more likely to "not need anything." 

We asked one of our favorite coordinators, Cari at Pink Parasol D&C to compile a list of some modern ways to register for those wedding gifts and tips on how to be "polite" when selecting those gifts.

Start off with a few quick tips on picking items to register for, courtesy of The Knot

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Tips for Registering your Wedding Registry

1. Have Several Price Points. To avoid embarrassing your guests with the price tags of some of your wedding registry must-haves, make sure to have a wide range of price points to select from. There are many wedding registry ideas at affordable prices, but there are plenty others that allow family members to splurge if they choose to.

2. Involve Your Other Half. Whether you or your soon-to-be is the shopper of the household, make sure to work together to pick out the items that you will both enjoy. Include some of the best wedding registry items for men as well as for women on your list so that you both enjoy a personal touch.

3. Check Out the Return Policies of your Registry Items. Having a registry means that you will be much more likely to receive gifts you love. However, there may be times where you change your mind. Plan ahead to make sure that your registry offers the most seamless exchanges and refunds.

4. Register at Several Stores. Give your guests a few selections to choose from, both online and offline; that way they do not feel restricted and can have some unique wedding registry ideas to choose from.

5. Set it Up Early. Make sure to do your research and add your wedding registry items to your wedding registry checklist early on so that your guests are not scrambling to find wedding gifts at the last minute.

6. Include your wedding registry on your wedding website, save the date and an information card included with your invitations. Older guest will likely not be searching your wedding website for details. 

7. Pick lots of Pink..... Just kidding, we just love Pink!

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Next we wanted to clue you in on some fun ways and places to register!!

Tips and Places to Register

1. HoneyFund: Think about this like Kickstarter for your Marriage!! Except the only thing you have to send contributors is a nice thank you note.. and maybe a hug! HoneyFund let you pick preset categories, trips and activities. Looking for a Hawaiian vacation? You can have 10 people contribute towards your plane tickets, a 2 hrs surf lesson and dinner on the beach. Just wanting to put a downpayment on your dream home? There is an option for that! HoneyFund has helped couples receive over 511 BILLION dollars and even has special discounts through Amazon and  Check them out at

2. Simple Registry: This all in one, yes they even track your Thank You's, has 50,000 users and is your one stop app for everything registry!! With Simple Registry you can pick items from any store or website and even ask your friends for suggestions. Grab the Ap, Scan the Barcode for that new Tesla and BAM it's on your registry!! They'll even let all 85 of your friends donate $1000 each. PS if you have 85 friends like that, please introduce me! ;)

3. Traditional and not so Traditional Retailers: Feeling a little overwhelmed with all the "New" places to register. Don't worry Target, Amazon & Crate & Barrel still have registry options for all their AMAZING goods. We love Target too! 

4. Be Charitable! So do you really just not need anything and feel silly even accepting money? Sponsor a charity!! Our friends at Pink Parasol D&C recently spear headed a wedding where the bride asked guest to donate to The Rafiki Foundation and in leu of favors donated to the organization herself.

5. All those options in one place... Zola!: Zola has everything from traditional retail goods from some incredible brands like Bloomingville US, Creative Co-Op and Roomba! They also have Cash Funds for your Honeymoon, Yoga or even Breakfast in Bed. They also have an "Experiences" option that includes everything from AirBNB gift cards, Blue Apron and even a blowout at DryBar!! OMG!! 

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